Embroidery is the genetic code of the Ukrainian people

The artistic talent of the Ukrainian people, the pinnacle of its artistic flair is fully manifested in folk embroidery.

Embroidery is a treasure trove of beliefs, customs, and spiritual aspirations of the people.
Today, embroidery is one of the most popular and beloved arts. Embroidered products decorate clothes, people's lives, modern interiors, it is a joyful art and joyful work on its creation. In the products of embroiderers captures the underworld of beauty and fantasy, poetic understanding of life, the world of inspired images, the roots of which go back to the mythology, customs and ideas of our ancestors.
April 4, 2018 teachers II Bulakh and OV Szymanska organized a wonderful opportunity for students, staff and honored guests of our college to travel through the symbolic mystery of humanity, as well as view a visual magazine about the magic of our embroidery. The exposition was presented by the creative works of our colleagues: II Bulakh, OV Szymanska, IM Sukhina, NA Демченко, С.В. Zintsova, S.O. Soldatova, OA Don't go crazy.
Embroidery was and remains a sacred ritual, the significance of which is still lost. Each embroiderer is fluent in the "language" of ornamental writing, feels the energy of colors, combines them with their feelings and thoughts into a single lace, which becomes a talisman for themselves, for family and for the country.
Each state has its own distinctive symbols: coat of arms, flag, anthem. In addition to state symbols, there are also national symbols of Ukraine: viburnum, embroidered towel, embroidery… And, participating in this event "Embroidery – the genetic code of the Ukrainian people", our participants confirmed that they are conscious citizens who wore an embroidered shirt and researched the history of embroidery of their native land, exchanged information on the historical traditions of Ukraine.

Teachers II Bulakh, OV Szymanska

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