Flower opening at the College of Agriculture

International Plant Day, held under the auspices of the European Plant Biology Organization (EPSO), is celebrated in Ukraine on May 18.

Universities, research institutions and agro-technological companies joined the scientific and cognitive events. Our educational institution was not left out either. Teachers and students staged a real flower opening in the green park area of the college. Compositions of flowers enchanted with their aroma, quirky shape and variety of colors. They organically merged into the landscape and impressed with their beauty and uniqueness:

"Spring mood" (gr. 11, curator Sukhina IM)

"Iris extravaganza" (gr. 12, 15, curators Netudihata OA, Deordieva AP)

"My tenderness" (gr. 13, curator Zintsova SV)

"Flower Paradise" (group 14, curator Vyshtakalyuk NA)

"Patriotic Spring" (M 21, curator Kovtun TI)

"May blizzard" (gr. M22, curator Tovstenko LI)

"Spring Rhapsody" (gr.K26, curator Shimanskaya OV)

"Flower shoe" (gr. P27, curator Tsyaputa NO)

"Flower Sonata" (group F28, curator Demchenko OV)

"Heart in love" (gr. M31, curator Kuzhel RV)

"May Vernissage" (gr. C35, curator Rozborska OI)

"Goose-florist" (gr. O38, curator Bulakh II)

"Flowers are life" (gr. F39, curator Shcherbak OO)

"Spring extravaganza" (group P37, curator Melnyk YM) and many others.

The purpose of this exhibition is to educate environmental, aesthetic culture among students, deepen natural education and spread "plant art" – areas of art related to the plant world – ikebana, floristics, herbarium design, photography, painting and other interesting areas. After all, daffodils, tulips, irises, laurel, dogwood were admired by mythical gods, and to this day these plants inspire artists and poets. Flowers witnessed the creation of myths, heroic deeds, they absorbed the story of each person who touched them…

And we hope that in the walls of our college grow future florists, dendrologists, landscape designers, farmers, gardeners, which we will be proud of in the future!

We thank all the teachers, curators and students who joined in organizing and conducting the exhibition.

Organizers of the exhibition: head of the department Galushko LB, teachers of the educational institution

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