Mrs. Economy

In October, economists of all countries traditionally gather for symposia, congresses, round tables, where there are lively discussions about the economic strategy of their countries. Important issues such as cooperation in the work of customs services, investment risks in a country, as well as private issues are discussed.

An economist is a person who knows more about money than one who has it.

October 12 marks World Economist's Day, a day when prominent members of the profession are awarded a prize by the Nobel Committee. This day has its own traditions of celebration.

We, our friendly economic team of the college, also decided to join the celebration and hold an intellectual and entertaining competition of economic experts "Mrs. Economy" to choose the only girl who will be a symbol of excellence in economic knowledge, intelligence, intelligence and intelligence in the third year of economics. .

The audience is filled with young and positive people. Their inflammatory mood is charged with energy. It was fun and interesting to watch the participants, because they showed themselves from all sides: answer questions, build words from letters, guess famous brands by their advertising slogans, demonstrate knowledge of market prices of basic necessities, guess the product by its description and interesting facts etc. Most tasks are such that they are taken by logic, intelligence, guesswork. Everything is a mixture of rivalry, excitement, disappointment, pride and adrenaline. Everyone received positive emotions and pleasant impressions.

The intrigue lasted until the very end of the competition.

But knowledge still wins! Joyful applause congratulated the winner – our "Mrs. Economy" – a student of B39 Zozulya Julia. Congratulations!

Among the best participants we would also like to mention B39 student Manasyan Emma and F38 student Guberna Bohdana. Intellectual and entertaining competitions are, first of all, drive, discharge and charging for the brain at the same time.

And let's remember: "Being smart is fashionable!" We wish you, competently counting other people's money, to increase your capital!

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