On November 1, 2019, Finance Week started in Ukraine. Traditionally, at this time in various educational institutions, banks, financial institutions and organizations of the country are various educational activities aimed at developing modern literacy in modern youth and the entire population, gaining skills in saving and managing their own finances and much more: where does the money come from , how to make a personal budget, what are the savings, etc.

Once again, our educational institution does not stay away from holding such events. November 1, teachers Bulakh II and Szymanska OV held an interesting intellectual financial and economic game "Fortune" with students of the economic department. The event aimed to deepen and consolidate the economic knowledge that students gain during college, recall some financial and economic facts, try to solve economic problems, get acquainted with interesting events in economic life. Two teams took part in the game: "Financial Geniuses" (F-28 group) and "Business Sharks" (B-29 group). Exciting quizzes, intellectual tests, interesting puzzles, riddles, economic problems, funny competitions, tasks – puzzles were waiting for the teams. The solution of the tasks offered to the teams helped the students to pass all the difficult stages and get to the auction of Her Majesty's Financial Literacy in time. Participants were able to come to the auction not empty-handed, but with savers (conditional money), which they managed to earn honestly by participating in various competitions.

The game took place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the teams fought hard for victory. And here are the interesting and exciting competitions behind. It's time for teams to calculate their profits. In a fierce battle, the team of the B-29 group "Sharks of Business" won an honest and coveted victory. Winners and active participants received their awards and prizes.

Finally, the teams participating in the open event were invited to participate in the auction, using the won economy to make profitable purchases.

We thank the participants of the game for their active participation, knowledge, intelligence and determination. Congratulations to the winners! We wish all students success in the future on the path to financial literacy!

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