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Financial literacy is the knowledge that people of all ages or statuses need. The ability to quickly learn something new is not just an attractive line of resume for most employers, but a very important quality of modern man, for the development of which you need to constantly train your brain. Learning is not just lectures or seminars in an educational institution, it is a continuous process that lasts a lifetime through books, various courses and trainings.

November 4 teachers Bulakh II and Szymanska OV organized a training for college students "Financial genius. What do you need to know to become one? ”

During the training, students were offered basic tips on financial literacy, as well as the opportunity to learn interesting facts about money. During the event, teachers answered the most common financial questions that concern modern society:

– Why is something expensive and something cheap?

– Why can't you print a lot of money so that everyone has enough?

– What does the exchange rate depend on?

– How much should I borrow to avoid hassles? etc.

The organizers offered the participants an interesting test aimed at young people who study on their own and try to understand the world of finance. With this task, students had the opportunity to test themselves and find out if they really know much about finances.

In addition, all those present learned the basic rules of how to keep money under control: how to count and spend to never go into the red, what you need to know and be able to increase the wealth of the family.

At the end of the training, our students received valuable practical advice, with which they were able to formulate for themselves the answer to the main question of the meeting – what do you need to know to become a financial genius ?!

We hope that with the help of our training our students have already managed to take the first step towards becoming a financial genius. After all, it is easy to recognize the presence of financial talent! Just wake him up! And getting countless riches will be a matter of time!

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