Interesting activities for resourceful electricians

Interesting activities for resourceful electricians

For the Day of Radio, Television and Communications Workers of Ukraine, which is celebrated on November 16, the teacher of general technical disciplines Tsyaputa VM held a number of events:
– from 11 to 14 November – On-line Electric quiz on Facebook, in which participants were 1290 people (according to statistics from the electronic resource);
– from 11 to 14 November – On-line Electric Marathon among groups of students studying the discipline of Electrical Engineering, by means of the Internet service Learning apps, which was posted on the website Electrical Engineering on-line.
For the third year in a row, Arina Ihorivna Bulakh, a student of our college (group K46), won these two competitions in a very difficult fight. Congratulations to the winner and we wish her to follow the path that leads to victory.

On Wednesday (November 13) the KVEL competition (Inventive Electricians Competition) was held in the auditorium 243 for 2 pairs among students of groups K26, E24, E34, M32, M33. After completing the competition tasks, the E24 group confidently won.

Congratulations to the winners and we wish you further achievements and victories!

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