Oh, handkerchief, handkerchief!

“Oh, handkerchief, handkerchief! Lace, sewn … »

December 7 was considered a real women's holiday. Researchers of pre-Christian beliefs believe that it was once a holiday of "Maiden's Fate", but later the church associated it with the great martyr Catherine.

This year, on the feast of Catherine, they want to celebrate the Day of the Ukrainian Handkerchief. The initiative to introduce and annually celebrate the "World Day of Ukrainian Handkerchief" was made by deputies of different levels of Vinnytsia, as well as MPs, theater and film artists, university professors, representatives of the Club of Successful Women of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Handkerchief event is designed to unite women of different ages, nationalities and social status in the flash mob "Take a photo with a handkerchief", the finale of which is scheduled for December 7, when participants will present their photos.

Celebrations and a large-scale flash mob, which has every chance to get into the book of records of Ukraine, as the event that gathered the largest number of women dressed in Ukrainian scarves, will be held from 12:00 to 15:00 at the Youth Center "Square" in Vinnytsia.

The organizers hope that the World Ukrainian Handkerchief Day will gather the same number of supporters as the Embroidery Day and invite everyone to join.

The introduction of the World Day of Ukrainian Handkerchiefs at the state level is due to the fact that from ancient times Ukrainian women wore a headscarf, which was considered a talisman, symbolizing love and freedom, loyalty to tradition and patriotism. Therefore, the beginning of the Ukrainian Scarf Festival will contribute to the preservation and revival of Ukrainian traditions.

Teachers Bulakh II and Szymanska OV decided to join the national events in honor of the incomprehensible but unfortunately forgotten miracle – the Ukrainian handkerchief and held an open educational event with students of groups C-25 and F-28 entitled "Oh, handkerchief, handkerchief! Lace, sewn … ».

The purpose of such an event is to determine the ritual significance of the Ukrainian headscarf, to find out how the role of the Ukrainian headscarf is reflected in the works of writers and folk art; practically provide a general concept of pattern and ornament, develop the ability to see the richness of colors and shapes in the world; to cultivate interest in the customs and traditions of the Ukrainian people and the desire to preserve spiritual heritage and use them in everyday life, a sense of respect for women and mothers.

All those present had the opportunity to explore the history of the Ukrainian handkerchief, folk rites, customs, traditions associated with the use of the handkerchief, to find out the everyday and ritual significance of this headdress, to learn how to make and decorate Ukrainian handkerchiefs.

Today, the somewhat forgotten magical power of the Ukrainian handkerchief, instead, has become fashionable to use "overseas" hats. But we should not forget that the power of national amulets is more important.

I want to believe that from now on the scarf will be not only a fashionable item for one day, but also an object of reverence for one of the national symbols, a talisman.

We hope that the very beginning and holding of the World Ukrainian Handkerchief Day will contribute to the revival of the handkerchief as an important, integral element of Ukrainian culture, and will preserve its value for future generations.

Thank you to everyone who came to meet our sincere Ukrainian handkerchief. May it always preserve the warmth of our souls and live forever, like our immortal Ukraine!

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