Lesson-conference on "Application of the derivative in various fields of science"

"Music can glorify or soothe the soul,
Painting – pleasing to the eye,
Poetry – to awaken feelings,
Philosophy – to meet the needs of the mind,
Engineering – to improve the material
side of people's lives,
And mathematics can achieve all these goals. "
Maurice Klein

February 26 teacher of mathematics Vyshtakalyuk NA a general lesson – a conference on "Application of the derivative in various fields of science" was held with students of group 12.
Mathematics is one of the main sciences that solves such problems as strengthening the connection between learning and life, improving the preparation of young people for work.
It creates the necessary theoretical basis for better mastering of special disciplines.
During the conference, thanks to the projects presented by the students of the group, all participants were convinced of the importance of knowledge in mathematics, their application and effectiveness.
Only the conscious use of knowledge, mastering the mathematical apparatus, the ability to think logically will succeed in conquering the peaks of other sciences.

"There is no branch in mathematics,
which will never be applied
to the phenomena of the modern world "
MI Lobachevsky

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