Rejoice in what you have achieved!

Dear F38 graduates!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the end of the next stage in your life!

Each issue is both a joyful and a sad event. Joyful, because we, teachers, finally see the result of our efforts, and you get a long-awaited pass to a new life. Sad, because for almost 3 years that we spent with you, you became our family and we do not want to let you go. You are our pride, you are professionals and you know how to make decisions on your own, you can be relied on. We will always remember you cheerful and carefree, resourceful and sincere, but at the same time responsible and persistent. Your achievements are our pride, so don't forget about college. Come when you need advice or help, share your achievements. We are always glad to see each of you!
You have received an education in a specialty that is in demand in modern society. Let the acquired knowledge help you to fully realize your talents, aspirations and dreams!
For those who are able to work hard, improve their knowledge and skills, life opens up the widest opportunities for self-realization. Be sure to use them!
And at the very end I want to remind you of the aphorism that belongs to Logan Smith: "In life you need to set two goals. The first is to accomplish what you aspire to. The second is the ability to rejoice in what has been achieved. Only the wisest representatives of mankind are able to achieve the second goal. Therefore, be wise – set goals and rejoice in what you have achieved. Have a good trip!

Sincerely yours, Bulakh Irina Ivanovna!

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