Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred

On February 20, Ukraine will honor the memory of those citizens who changed the course of our country's history during the Revolution of Dignity, those who defended the ideals of democracy, defended human rights and freedoms, the European future of Ukraine.

Dignity, freedom, courage, unity, honor – have become one of the main unifying values of the Revolution of Dignity.

The "Heavenly Hundred" is the name given to the fallen participants of the Revolution of Dignity, who were commemorated today during the laying of flowers at the memorial plaque to college graduates, patriots who died defending the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine.

"We bow low to the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, to all those who gave their lives for the right to live in a free and independent state, because their feat is invaluable for Ukraine and for each of us."

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