"To speak to the soul"

On February 25, 2021, Ukrainians celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Great Ukrainian Larysa Petrovna Kosach, known to all from school as Lesya Ukrainka. This date was dedicated to the open lesson "To speak to the soul в to the soul" in group 13, which was conducted for students by teachers Lyubov Ilarionovna Tovstenko and Olga Anatoliyivna Netudikhata.

In the introductory words of the teachers there was an opinion about the eternal values of the poetic word for our contemporaries and about the contribution to the world treasury of spirituality of Lesya Ukrainka. 42 years – and so much has been done! Teachers acquainted students with interesting facts from the life of the famous poetess. Students listened with interest to the story about Lesya's uncle – Dr. OP Drahomanov, about the poet's mother – the famous writer Olena Pchilka, about the poet's older brother – Kharkiv University Professor MP Kosach. The students were also interested in information about Lesya's friendly relations with the Alchevsky family, poet Oleksandr Oles, playwrights M. Starytsky, M. Kropyvnytsky, folklorist G. Khotkevych. Students first learned that Lesia Ukrainka visited Uman when she was preparing her nephews to enter the Uman School of Agriculture and Horticulture (now Uman National University of Horticulture) and when she came to consult a German surgeon, Ernest Bergman, a professor at the University of Berlin. Students enthusiastically looked at slides with photos of the Ukrainian elite of the late XIX – early XX centuries. For the first time they heard the voice of Lesya Ukrainka.

Actively using interactive technologies (quest, crossword puzzle), the teachers did not forget that the basis of the lesson is His Majesty's Word – the only weapon of Lesya that helped her to survive in difficult moments. Students talked about the work of the famous Ukrainian poetess, read her poems. The class was held in a friendly atmosphere, everyone was impressed by the courage of the Great Ukrainian. Maybe for someone Lesya's words will become a life credo.

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LI Tovstenko, teacher