The second week of celebrating World Money Week is underway in Ukraine. From March 22 to 28, educational events on financial awareness for students are held at higher educational institutions across the country.

"Take care of yourself, take care of your money!" Is the official theme of Global Money Week 2021.

Global Money Week is not only a great opportunity to increase the financial literacy of the population, but also to demonstrate the skills of higher education teachers.

March 25, 2021 as trainers in financial literacy teachers of the cycle commission of accounting, financial and economic disciplines Bulakh II and Szymanska OV have joined World Money Week, an annual international information campaign that includes financial events for children and young people. In order to raise the financial awareness of the younger generation, the teachers prepared and conducted an interesting educational and entertaining event for the students of the F-28 group of the economic department in the form of the financial game "The smartest expert in financial literacy".

The use of modern information and digital technologies in distance learning provides an opportunity to overcome obstacles and difficulties in organizing the educational process in a pandemic and the opportunity to involve students of our college in interesting, rich, developing educational activities that allow to summarize previously acquired knowledge and to expand and deepen them. The event took the form of an exciting online competition between students, during which they solved the tasks set before them in different rounds and earned prize money. After all the rounds passed, Natalia Korotyuk was determined the winner of the game during the calculations of earned funds. Congratulations to our winner!

We are sure that holding such events will become a good tradition and will be continued in other projects of our college teachers!

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