"If you want to be rich, you have to be financially literate"

Robert Kiyosaki

We live in an age of market relations, so we must be competent in economic matters. Managing one's own funds, planning one's own income and expenses, compiling and maintaining a family budget, creating a "financial cushion", using payment cards correctly, weighing financial risks, distinguishing between financial fraudsters, and effectively saving money are not just basic economic education concepts. , but also the necessary practical skills of each of us.

Global Money Week 2021 (World Money Week), an annual international information campaign designed to draw public attention to financial education and financial literacy, took place from March 22 to 28.

For the fifth time our educational institution joined the international initiative and during the week students of the economic department and the programming department took part in online events of the National Bank of Ukraine – the official coordinator of Global Money Week 2021 in Ukraine. Our students attended six educational webinars, during which they learned about the peculiarities of the formation and activities of the NBU, the directions of its monetary policy, the peculiarities of maintaining price stability in modern conditions.

They also learned how to use Cashless, mastered life hacks on payment security, conducted a stress test of personal finances and figured out how to ensure their own financial stability in conditions of uncertainty.

On March 22, 23, 24, students of groups F28, F38, B39 joined the festive Kahoot Parties, where they tried to compete in intellectual games on financial topics with students from other educational institutions in the country. Students Yuriy Makarenko (group F38) and Maria Vilonova (group B39) showed a decent level of knowledge. In addition, on March 22, 24 and 26, students took part in quizzes on the Financial Money Museum on Instagram, as well as visited a virtual tour "Top 5 exhibits of the NBU Money Museum".

Thematic Kahoot Challenge, held on March 25 by teachers Melnyk Yu.M. and Derkach TA Students of groups F28, F38, B29, B39, P37 and K46 showed awareness of the functioning of the financial services market, knowledge and skills in planning their budget and generating savings, won their place in the overall ranking. The highest places in the ranking list of participants were taken by students: Maria Vilonova (group B39), Alina Kovalenko (group F38), Bohdan Kushneryk (group K46), Anriy Feklistov (group F38).

Congratulations to the winners of Kahoot Challenge and everyone who joined and tried their hand. We wish everyone a stable income, rational expenses, significant savings, be financially literate, successful, conquer the top, achieve goals, make dreams come true! Take care of yourself and save your money!

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