Educational and field gathering of first-year students

In accordance with paragraph 4 of Article 27, Article 41 of the Law of Ukraine "On Local State Administrations", Articles 8, 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On Military Duty and Military Service", the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 30.11.2000 № 1770 "On approval of provisions on pre-conscription training and training of conscripts in military-technical specialties ", the order of the Cherkasy Regional State Administration from 31.03.2021 № 140" On the organization and conduct of training and field meetings with young people in 2021 ", in order to implement the subject" Defense of Ukraine " teacher Lyubchenko AA, on the basis of VSP Uman Professional College of Technology and Business UNUS, held a field training meeting with first-year students.

Students studied the tactical basics of general military combat, the actions of soldiers in defense and offensive in the mechanized unit, formed the skills of digging trenches, throwing training grenades at a distance.

A sightseeing tour was conducted to the military unit A0609, where the young men had the opportunity to see how first aid is provided on the battlefield and practiced incomplete disassembly and assembly of the AK-74.

A sufficient level of training of students in military training was noted and they were thanked for their active participation in the meeting.

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