The results of the competition have been summed up

At the final stage of the competition of professional skills "Pedagogical Oscar – 2021" at the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences chaired by VS Kremen – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Full Member (Academician) of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, President of NAPS, President of the Society "Knowledge of Ukraine" evaluated 1264 creative works of teachers of professional higher education in 15 nominations.

It is nice to note that for the creation of "Modern electronic educational and methodological complex in the discipline" Technical service in the agro-industrial complex "college teacher specialist of the highest qualification category, teacher-methodologist Kolisnyk Mykhailo Vasyliovych received the main award – statuette" TEACHER 21


24 06 21 07

43 methodical developments of pedagogical workers of our college were highly appreciated. 34 works are included in the catalog of the best. The highest score of 30 points was received by 8 works, the authors of which are Kuzhel VV, Nikolyuk NP, Derkach TA, Besarab MN, Galushko LB, Ilchuk M.Ya., Metelitsa O .V., Derkach OV, Vashchyshyn OE, Kazanovsky VI, Kolisnyk MV, Menchynska VV, Denisyuk VV, Tsyaputa NO, Tsyaputa VM ., Shevchuk VG

Congratulations to colleagues and we wish you further creative success!

24 06 21 08