City tour

Did you know that the building of our educational institution is a diploma work of the architect V. Gorodetsko, the author of the Kyiv "House of Chimeras"? And that in the building of the cinema named after I. Chernyakhovsky the key stages of development of Uman of the XIX – XX centuries were layered, that each power rebuilt it according to the needs and ideological priorities? And the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the architectural dominant of the central part of the city, is an architectural monument of national importance.

Guide Olena Nyzhnyk and chief specialist of the Department of Economic Development, Transport and Investment of Uman City Council Lyudmyla Hekalyuk told the students of group 15 about these and other historical heritage of the city, its cultural heritage.

Students, for whom our city has recently become a second home, discovered it for themselves, and those who walked their native streets since childhood, looked in a new way at the usual eyes of the building, through the prism of the rich history of Uman.

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