Dear student community!

Dear student community!

Today we live with you in a difficult time, when a balanced and rational decision depends not only on our lives and health, but also on people close to us and others. Unfortunately, the pandemic of the dangerous virus Covid-19 is not slowing down, the daily number of patients is consistently high. The only way to stop it and save yourself is vaccination. Therefore, we urge you to join the cohort of conscious and progressive humanity and receive the necessary vaccinations!

Currently, more than 80% of college staff are vaccinated. We have prepared for the meeting with the teacher to take place in the classroom – offline.

But are you, our students, ready for vaccination ?! Students themselves make up the largest part of educational content. Further offline learning is possible only with the same activity in vaccination among students.

Today, vaccination is not only the safety of your health, but also, as we see, the usual opportunities for learning, communication, leisure! Therefore, we ask you to approach the issue of vaccination with understanding and responsibility.

Sincerely, Director and Chairman of the Student Council of the College