Issue of college students

Issue of college students

On January 28, 2012, the celebration took place in the college on the occasion of graduation by students of specialties “Garden-park economy” and “Electricity, electrical engineering and electromechanics”.

Exciting and, at the same time, a pleasant moment – getting diplomas. The presentation ceremony began traditionally from the official part. To the address of graduates, greetings from the deputy director of educational work Nikoluk N.P. and the deputy director of educational work Benescula P.L .. They wished to graduates not to dwell on achieved, develop and continuously study.

 From graduates, all present heard touching, warm words full of deep respect and gratitude, administration, teachers, curators.

The holiday ended, ahead of a violent life. But festive, elevated emotions, pleasant memories of learning will remain in graduates for all further life.

Congratulations to you, dear graduates!

We wish confidence and unwavering faith in your success!

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