Vyshyvanka Day 2023

Vyshyvanka Day 2023

Every year in Ukraine, on the third Thursday of May, World Embroidery Day is celebrated. In 2023, Vyshyvanka Day is May 18.

Nowadays, in wartime conditions, when mass festive events are not held in Ukraine, teachers and students of the college decided to join the holiday – simply wear a vyshyvanka or other clothes with Ukrainian embroidery, demonstrating ardent patriotism and devotion to the national traditions of Ukraine.

Ukrainian vyshyvanka is not just a festive outfit. Since ancient times, a shirt embroidered by a wife or mother was considered a powerful talisman against misfortune: each stitch kept love and warmth of the soul. Each region of Ukraine has its own traditions of embroidery and the symbolism of ornaments, but only one thing remains unchanged: embroidery is part of the genetic code of a Ukrainian.

Vitaliy Volodymyrovych Kuzhel, director of the college, gave a speech before the students. He noted that now the Day of Vyshyvanka has a special meaning – Ukrainians are forced to defend their national authenticity and fight for it, giving their lives and wished all those present VICTORY and PEACE!

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