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 Accounting service


Uman Vocational College

of Technology and Business, Uman National University of Horticulture

The Accounting Service is an independent structural subdivision of the Uman Professional College of Technology and Business of the Uman NUS , which provides the organization of accounting and reporting, implementation of financial and tax policy in the College.

Accounting Service is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine, decrees of the President of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine orders of the Ministry of Finance, other legal acts regulating budgetary relations and financial and business college, orders and instructions of the director and the order of accounting policy .

College Accounting Service:

  • Provides accounting, financial reporting, compliance with budget legislation and national regulations (standards) of accounting in the public sector, as well as other regulations.

  • Adheres to budget legislation when making budget commitments, their registration with the State Treasury Service of Ukraine and making payments in accordance with budget commitments;

  • Ensures the correctness of crediting and use of own revenues of the budgetary institution;

Accounting staff :

Mazur Tetyana Mykhailivna - chief accountant

Melnyk Natalia Volodymyrivna - Deputy Chief Accountant

Bondarenko Olena Vasylivna - accountant for scholarships and tuition fees

Danylenko Yana Petrovna - accountant for fixed assets and materials

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